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CONCEPTUAL DESIGN  London, United Kingdom



2012 is an interface exploration for the London Olympics. Compiled from the Games' official imagery, the placement of the camera relative to the ground plane and architecture being photographed forms a virtual plane of experience, the terrain of which is defined by the distance at which the viewer is held from reality.


This project was completed in Fall of 2012, shortly after the closing ceremonies of the London Olympic Games.

Click on photos on the map to see the Park through its official photography

All images and image names are credited to the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games


The density of photographs shows which areas of the London Olympic Park received the most exposure and which weren't shown in the media.

Drawing collaborators: Alan Kawahara, Yuxiang Luo, Brandon Wagner

Each point represents a photograph in three-dimensional space, forming a plane from which the event was viewed.


Individual photographic points are connected to form a plane whose shapes varies based on camera location.


The plane is then made solid and given thickness, becoming a surface from which to experience the Event.


This plane then aggregates across other events of a similar size and type, becoming an extended and integrated experience


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