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2019_1228_art concept [Recovered]-08.png

Print and digital graphics for Exchange 2019, an exhibit for AIA | Los Angeles's 2x8 Competition designed and built by Jonathan Sharp, Dylan Corr, Marisa Keckeisen, Matthew Young, Christopher Locke, James Howe, and Noah Sharp. The 2×8 Student Competition, Exhibition and Scholarship program showcases exemplary student work from architecture & design institutions throughout California. A flexible and movable installation, Exchange is constructed out of large cardboard tubes acting as a display surface for the nominated projects. The logo and graphic motifs are inspired by the exhibit's own design.

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2020_0323_WEBSITE LAYOUT-04.jpg
2019_1228_art concept [Recovered]-10.png
2020_0323_WEBSITE LAYOUT-05.jpg
2020_0323_WEBSITE LAYOUT-03.jpg
2019_1228_art concept [Recovered]-11.png
2020_0323_WEBSITE LAYOUT-06.jpg
2019_1228_art concept [Recovered]-14.png
2019_1228_art concept [Recovered]-15.png
2019_1228_art concept [Recovered]-09.png
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